Online Deployment and Containerization

I’m often asked to explain to someone technical things, where the knowledge base is quite limited. In a book about enterprise architecture, I read “how to explain to my girlfriend". That is not only politically incorrect, I can’t apply this to myself: first I’m a female, second my husband is a software architect himself. Therefore, … Continue reading Online Deployment and Containerization

Technical Things for Non-Technicals – Part 2: Microservices

Often, I’m asked by non-technical people about technical terms. I try to answer them, because I feel non-technical people need to understand technical things as well as technical people need to understand non-technical things as accounting or how to fill out travel expenses forms. Last time in this series, I explained certain file formats and … Continue reading Technical Things for Non-Technicals – Part 2: Microservices

Einführung in Dokumenten-Orientierte Datenbanken

Abstract Dokumenten-Orientierte Datenbanken sind großartig. Aber sie sind kein Allheilmittel, das Du die ganze Zeit suchst. Sei Dir der Vorteile und der Nachteile bewusst. Wenn Du sie an der richtigen Stelle einsetzt (z.B. für eine weitere Messaging-Applikation J), bekommst Du bessere Ergebnisse in kürzerer Zeit als auf dem klassischen Weg. Einführung Ich möchte eine Präsentation … Continue reading Einführung in Dokumenten-Orientierte Datenbanken

Introduction to Document Oriented Databases

Abstract Document-oriented databases are great. But they are not the silver bullet, you are probably searching for the whole time. Be aware of the advantages and disadvantages. If you use them at the right place (e.g. for another messaging application J), you get better results in a shorter time as in the classical way. General … Continue reading Introduction to Document Oriented Databases